Monday, June 16, 2008

Middle East Institutions - Abou Shakra

69 Kasr el-Einy Street
Garden City, Cairo
Tel. 531 6111

A Cairo landmark, this fancy kebab house has been serving locals for over 50 years. There are other branches in Heliopolis and Mohandiseen. Recently refurbished and purged of its Disney idols and other kitsch collectibles, this conservative Muslim restaurant is done up in marble and alabaster. Seating is a little tight and the staff can be slow, but customers are always guaranteed an authentic Egyptian experience.

The main speciality here is kebabs, with prices calculated per kilo of meat and a host of salads and dips to choose from. Pigeon, chicken and specialty beef dishes are also on the menu. The Egyptian desserts served here are heavenly, with top honours going to the Om Ali (flakey dough with raisins and nuts soaked in sugar and milk).


VangelV said...

Why is it ‘sad’ that state power and validity are on the wane? One could argue that the biggest problem in the Middle East is the existence of artificial states that have no real legitimacy and the poverty of individual liberties that is caused by those states. It seems obvious that many of the more successful groups have abundant local support from various segments of the population who are disillusioned with the state.

John and John said...

Because it´s pre Hobbesian Vangel, not post-modern. John